BC Cares Ambulance Membership Program

If you need an ambulance in an emergency, you could be billed hundreds of dollars. Boulder City Fire Department now offers the Boulder City Cares Ambulance Membership Program. This annual membership could reduce - even eliminate - the costs you pay.

Program benefits* for covered members include:Elderly Couple with bills

  • Co-Payment Waived (if member is insured) on two medically necessary ground transports a year 
  • 20% Discount (if member is not insured) on two medically necessary ground transports a year 
  • Adult and Pediatric BLS/CPR/AED Class and Certification
  • “Stop the Bleed” Course  

Membership is open to legal residents who live in, work in or visit the City of Boulder City. Primary members must be 18 years or older and cannot be covered by Medicaid.**

  • Individual Plan: The annual membership fee is $75. Covers an individual primary member who may only identify one primary residence.
  • Family Plan: The annual membership fee is $125. The primary member plus up to four additional family members who live in the same residence as the primary member.
  • Family Plus Plan: The annual membership fee is $125 for the primary member and four additional family members, plus $10 for each additional family member. All members must live in the same primary residence.

Start the enrollment process by filling out the form here and submitting payment at the fire station. Enrollment is not complete until payment has been processed.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click here for complete information. 

**Medicaid clients are not eligible as ground ambulance transport is already covered.


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