Special Event Policy

To better define the process of maintaining life safety standards and requesting event coverage within the department’s jurisdictional boundaries, the Boulder City Fire Department has developed the following Special Event Policy.

  1. Charcoal Equipment
  2. Fire Permit Examples
  3. LPG Equipment
  4. Planning Your Event
  5. Portable Exterior Cooking
  6. Portable Fire Extinguishers
  7. Standby Personnel
  8. Special Event Non-Profit EMS Assistance Application

Charcoal or Solid Fuel Equipment

Equipment utilizing charcoal or solid fuel shall comply with the following:

  • Barbeque cooking is prohibited inside or under tents/canopies.
  • Cooking shall be a minimum of 5 feet from any booth access.
  • The use of gasoline or kerosene to start barbeque is prohibited.
  • Storage of starter fluid in booths shall be prohibited.
  • Coals and ashes shall be disposed in a metal container approved for such use by the Fire Marshal.