Inside the Department

Boulder City Fire Department offers a wide range of services aimed at helping the community through emergencies as well as educational programs.


Helping provide these services are the department's five different sections:

Administration: Under the direction of the fire chief, the Administrative Section supports the Fire Department’s primary mission of protecting life and property.

Emergency Medical Services: The Emergency Medical Services Section is to provide a rapid, safe response to all medical emergencies within the community, ensuring competent patient care.

Fire Prevention: The Fire Prevention Section is an integral part of the fire department with the mission to conduct fire safety inspections on all commercial properties in the city and provide both plan review and compliance inspections for all new buildings constructed within the community.

Operations:  The Boulder City Fire Department provides services to mitigate the effects of a variety of emergency situations, including fires, medical emergencies, physical entrapment, and releases of hazardous materials. Providing these services is the responsibility of our fire suppression personnel.

Training: The Training Section functions under the deputy chief and the training captain to provide comprehensive training programs to the members of the department. 

Additional Resources

• Fire Department Organizational Chart - A visual representation of the administrative structure of the Boulder City Fire Department.

• Standards of Cover - The adopted, written policies and procedures that determines the distribution, concentration and reliability of fixed and mobile response forces for fire, emergency medical services, hazardous materials and other forces of technical response.

• Annual Report – The primary purpose of the annual report is to highlight the prior years’ accomplishments in meeting the needs of the community.