Passport Fees

  1. General Fees
  2. Adults
  3. Minors


Application Acceptance Fees- City of Boulder City 

Pay acceptance fee in person at the City of Boulder City. You may pay by check, money order, cash or card.

  • $35.00 – City of Boulder City acceptance Fee 
  • $10.00 – City of Boulder City photo fee (if needed)

State Department Payment Methods

Note: You may not pay State Department fees with credit or debit cards. You may pay with:

  • Personal, certified, cashier' check, payable to "U.S. Department of State."
  • Money order payable to "U.S. Department of State." 

Expedited Passport Book and Cards

  • $60.00- 7 to 9 weeks. Processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply.
  • $19.53- 1-2 Day Delivery from the State Department (optional for books only)