Welcome to the official home page and guide for passport information in Boulder City!

Schedule an Appointment 

We are currently accepting limited passport appointments. 

Please call 702-293-9208 to schedule an appointment.

First-Time Passports 

First-time applicants, people with passport more than 5 year expired, and passports that were issued for 5 years. 

Renewing Passports

Renewals are 10-year passports that are 5 years to the day or less expired and mailed to the State Department on your own. 

Passports for Minors 

15 years and younger. Both Parents/Guardians need to appear with minor or have a consent form signed and notarized.

Processing Times 

Routine: 10 to 13 weeks*

Expedited: Takes 7 to 9 weeks. * Additional $60.00.

*Processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply.

Check the Expiration Date of Family Members' Passports

Travelers should check the validity of their passport books ahead of time to avoid facing flight delays, overstaying in a foreign country, or rushing to a passport agency.

Passport Expiration Date

Valid Vs Expired Passport