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Contact Forms

  1. Art Center Coordinator
  2. BCTV - Stream Problems

    Please use this form to email BCTV about issues with the live stream of BCTV programming on our website.

  3. Boulder City Municipal Court Judge Victor L. Miller
  4. City Attorney Contact Form
  5. City Council member Claudia Bridges

    Email form for Council member Claudia Bridges

  6. City Council Member Judith Hoskins
  7. City Manager
  8. Finance Department
  9. Historic Preservation Award

    Contact form to nominate parcels for the annual historic preservation award

  10. Mayor Kiernan McManus
  11. Parks and Recreation Director
  12. Pool and Racquetball Center
  13. Public Works Contact Form
  1. BCTV

    BCTV Contact Form

  2. Boulder City Municipal Court
  3. Business Licensing Office Contact From
  4. City Clerk
  5. City Council Member James Adams

    Email for City Council member James Howard Adams

  6. City Council member Tracy Folda

    Email for for Council member Tracy Folda

  7. Community Development
  8. Fitness Center
  9. Human Resources
  10. Meetings Comment Form

    Please complete this form if you would like to provide your comment on an item to be discussed at a Boulder City Council, Committee or... More…

  11. Police Department
  12. Public Information Office
  13. Utility Billing Division Contact Form

    Contact form for the Utility Billing division