City Manager

Welcome to Boulder City, a community that takes much pride in its history and traditions. While it is the "City that Built Hoover Dam," there is much more to this charming community. From our heritage as a humble town of 5,000 people looking for work during the great depression to the almost 16,000 residents living here today, there is a sense of pride and a welcoming spirit here. We stand by our core values: fiscal responsibility, accessible and responsive, a caring attitude and professional excellence. Our Mayor, City Council, City Manager and staff value transparency in government.

Taylour Tedder, Your City Manager

City Manager Taylour Tedder joined the City in August 2021. He has been working in municipal government leadership roles since January 2013, and most recently served as the Assistant City Manager in Leavenworth, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, MO with over 36,000 residents.

Mr. Tedder is a graduate of Emporia State University and holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Wichita State University. Southern Nevada has been on his radar for some time. “Boulder City captured my interest as my wife and I visited Hoover Dam a few years ago,” Mr. Tedder said.  “It is the type of city we’d love to make our home - a premier, well-planned, family-friendly community with a small-town feel. The recreational opportunities and benefits of the metropolitan area nearby make it an excellent location.”

The City Manager is head of the City Halladministrative branch of the city government, appointed by and directly accountable to the Mayor and the City Council. The City Manager of Boulder City operates under a Council / Manager form of government. Under this structure, the elected Mayor and City Council are responsible for all policy decisions affecting the city. The implementation of council policies and the general administration of city operations is the responsibility of a professional city manager.

If he can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact him at 702-293-9202.

TEDder Talks

Tune in to see "TEDder Talks" - Boulder City, NV City Manager Taylour Tedder's monthly conversations with residents about issues important to our community. Episodes will broadcast on BCTV (Cox Channel 2 in Boulder City) or on demand by clicking the link below.


  • Appoints (and removes) all officers and employees of the city, except the City Clerk, City Attorney and Municipal Court Judge
  • Prepares the annual budget, submits it to the City Council and is responsible for its administration after adoption
  • Prepares and submits a complete report of the finances and administrative activities of the city for each fiscal year
  • Keeps the City Council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city
  • Directs and supervises all of the departments of the city
  • Develops programs and alternatives for consideration by the City Council
  • Represents the city in negotiations with other governmental representatives

Mission Statement:

The City of Boulder City’s mission is to deliver outstanding services to enhance the quality of life within our community, our economic vitality, and the safety of those who reside, work in, visit, or travel through our community.

Vision Statement:

The City of Boulder City is committed to preserving its status as a small town, with a small-town charm, historical heritage and unique identity, while proactively addressing our needs and enhancing our quality of life.

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