What permits or fees are required to hold a special event in Boulder City?
Special events are coordinated through the Parks and Recreation Department. All special event coordinators requesting
EMS or Fire coverage during special events within the department’s jurisdictional boundaries will be directed to contact BCFD to determine needs which may impact the department, e.g. concerts, sporting events, outdoor festivals, vehicle races, photo/film shoots, events utilizing tents or canopies in excess of 400 square feet, etc.

It is the recommendation of BCFD that event coordinators should 1st secure private contractors for all emergency service needs during special events.

Private contractors must be licensed and capable of providing the appropriate emergency services. These contractors must also have a current Boulder City Business License. When necessary, a coverage request may be submitted to BCFD. If approved, the fee for a Firefighter / Paramedic / EMT $60 per hour / per person, the fee for ALS Ambulance / Rescue Unit is $220 per hour (includes 2 personnel), and the fee for a Fire Suppression Unit is $380 per hour (includes 3 personnel).

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