Mail Ballot Voting

Mail Ballots will be mailed beginning October 19, 2022

Track Your Mail Ballot - Clark County Election Department

  • Log-in to the Clark County Election Department Registered Voter Services to track your returned mail ballot)  

BallotTrax - State of Nevada

  • Log-in to the State of Nevada ballot status system.  If you sign up for alerts, you will receive an alert when there is activity on your ballot.  

Starting in 2022, Nevada will have all-mail ballot elections. All "active" voters who are registered to vote no later than 14 days before Election Day will be sent a mail ballot whether or not they requested one unless they chose to opt-out. 

You may still vote in person on a voting machine at any one of the many convenient early voting sites or Election Day vote centers, even if you receive a mail ballot.

  • Opting-Out: To opt-out, you must submit a written or online request to not receive a mail ballot. The Nevada Secretary of State will provide the online option which will immediately be transmitted to the Election Department. You may also print, complete, and mail a "Mail Ballot Preference Form." The Election Department must receive all requests (both written and online) no later than 60 days before Election Day.
  • Inactive Voters: Inactive voters will NOTbe sent mail ballots because their address on file is incorrect.
    • How Does a Voter Become Inactive:  At the beginning of every federal election year (even-numbered years), the Election Department mails all “active” registered voters a new voter registration card to the most current address in their voter registration record. If the Postal Service notifies the Election Department that a voter has moved, the voter is sent a forwardable postcard asking for an address update. If the voter does not respond within 30 days, he or she is placed on "inactive" status. The Election Department will no longer send them election-related materials because their address on file is incorrect.
    • Inactive Voters May Still Vote In Person: Inactive voters may still vote in person at any early voting site or Election Day vote center of their choice, as long as they still live in Clark County, Nevada.  Poll workers will ask for an updated address.
    • How to Become "Active" Again: Inactive voters must update their Clark County, Nevada, address to become active again.  This may be done at any time online on the Secretary of State's website or by various other means. This may also be done on the spot at any in-person voting site during voting hours. If you moved outside of Clark County, Nevada, you must submit a new voter registration for your new County.
    • Check if You Are Inactive: The Secretary of State's website will indicate if your voting status is active or inactive. You may also contact the Election Department.