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Mission: Promote and maintain an atmosphere of safety and security within our community through highly-skilled employees dedicated to the protection of constitutional guarantees, maintenance of order, and safeguarding life and property.

Boulder City residents are vigilant in protecting a high quality of life and in preserving the family-oriented, small-town nature of the community It was named Safest City in Nevada in 2020.  It has that “hometown feel” - a close knit community that has a strong volunteer base. Residents are friendly and cordial, and very much involved in their community. 

Boulder City Police Department is building a list of strong candidates for current and future officers. When we recruit, these highly desired positions receive an overwhelming response. Consider applying now for an open position and keep your name on our interest list for future positions.  You can also email questions to us at

Duties Include:

  • Serve as a representative of the City of Boulder City, demonstrating a positive attitude and progressive actions through professionalism, courtesy, and appropriate tact and discretion in all interactions with other employees and with the public. 
  • Patrol the community to prevent crime and enforce laws and regulations. 
  • Monitor traffic and maintain traffic safety; detect/deter possible criminal activities. 
  • Conduct criminal investigations; identify and arrest suspects. 
  • Respond to emergencies and routine calls for service; determine the nature of the incident/call, investigate circumstances, and take necessary and prudent action.
  • Take command at crime scenes or accidents; administer first aid, request medical service as necessary; interview victims and witnesses; examine situation; record vital information regarding causes and circumstances.  
  • Guard, transport and supervise prisoners. 
  • Investigate suspected illegal activity or follow-up on criminal cases; assist in the collection of evidence at a crime scene.

Pay and Benefits:

  • Annual salary starts at $68,056.83.
  • Up to 10% additional ADP (Assigned Differential Pay) for specialized units.
  • Additional per hour shift differential pay. 
  • $228 monthly uniform allowance.
  • $1050 monthly insurance stipend. Police Officers participate in the union sponsored health insurance benefits plan or provide the City with proof of current health insurance coverage to receive the health insurance stipend.
  • 80 hours of paid annual leave (increased to 120 hours after one year of service and 200 hours after 15 years of service).
  • 12.5 paid holidays annually (holidays worked accrue time-and-a-half pay for scheduled holiday hours worked).
  • 120 hours of paid sick leave annually.
  • Employer-paid PERS retirement (NOTE: Any additional PERS cost increases are paid 50/50 between the City and employee.)
  • Additional employee-paid ICMA 457 deferred compensation/retirement fund offered.
  • Work schedules consist of six 12-hour days and one 8-hour day during a 14-day work period.
  • Time-and-a-half overtime pay and double-time emergency call-out pay for time worked outside of scheduled shifts.
  • Multiple overtime opportunities offered throughout each year.
  • Career advancement opportunities to promote internally within the department (specialized units, management, etc.)
  • $25,000 Life Insurance the City pays 100% of the premium.  
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance – Up to 60% of monthly covered earnings, maximum monthly benefit $5,000 per month. The City pays 100% of the premium.
  • No Social Security deductions because you will belong to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) with the State of Nevada. 

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