Off-Site Inspection Request

Public Works Permit Inspection Scheduling

Public Works is looking into making the permitting process more efficient for our customers and will be rolling out a new online system for applying for permits and scheduling inspections in the coming months. Contractors will be able to apply for their permits and upload any plans associated with their permit. A new feature to this is that contractors will be able to see the outcomes of their inspections online.

One of the first steps is changing the way we schedule inspections. Effective February 4, 2019, all inspections shall be scheduled by calling Public Works Engineering, 702-293-9200 option #5, and speaking with a representative or by emailing Public Works. Previous on-line inspection scheduling will no longer be available.

  1. A Building Division Certificate of Occupancy inspection requires an active Public Works (PW) Permit with an associated permit number
    • The PW permit must be active and not expired prior to scheduling inspections. If the permit is expired, no inspections may be scheduled. A request must be made to extend the permit and fees may be due.
  2. For inspections that are requested to be performed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday excluding holidays the following apply:
    • The request must be a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the requested inspection time
      • For example, for an inspection in the AM on Tuesday, the request must be made in the AM on Monday.
      • Inspection requests for in the AM on Mondays must be received by 5:00 PM on the preceding business day. This would typically be Thursday due to the four day work week.
  3. For a same day inspection request on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday excluding holidays the following apply:
    • The inspection will be after the last scheduled inspection for that day if time is available
    • There are fees associated with a same day inspection, these fees are based on the current fee schedule, which can be located on the Fees page, and must be paid prior to the scheduled inspection time
  4. When requesting an inspection, the following information must be provided:
    • Requested Inspection Date
    • Preferred Inspection Time
    • Permit Number
    • Permit Expiration Date
    • Location of Inspection
    • Contractor
    • Field Contact Name
    • Field Contact Phone Number
    • Email Address which is used for inspection scheduling confirmation
    • Provide details for the items to be inspected; water, sewer, electric concrete, asphalt, private utility, etc.
    • Provide details as to the location where the inspection is to occur. If stationing is available, provide during the request
  5. All inspections will be scheduled in a window, either in the AM or the PM, with no specific time
    • Most inspections should only take 30 minutes.
    • If the contractor is not ready when the inspector shows up, the contractor will have 30 minutes to prepare for the inspection.
    • If this still is not enough time, the inspection will have to be scheduled another day.
    • All inspection scheduling rules and fees apply for rescheduling.

As a reminder you must have the approved permit and approved plans available for every inspection requested.

If you have any questions please contact us at any time.