Taxiway 'A' Realignment

Progress Update 12/27/2018

Taxiway Alpha and Runway 09-27 are now open.  Taxiway Alpha lighting fixture are behind schedule and will be installed as they are received. 

The next closure we will have to complete the project is scheduled for January 30-31, 2019.  The last coat of paint and runway fixtures will be installed.  

Upcoming Closure:
Runway 09-27 Closed January 30 0600L to January 31 1800L

Please check NOTAMS to view any closure of pavement at the airport.

Construction will begin October 15, 2018 and is estimated to end December 24, 2018.  

  • Phase 1 consists of grading and storm drain installation on the east side of Taxiway Alpha.  On the west side of Taxiway Alpha electrical conduit will be installed, connecting to the new system that was installed as part of last years project.  The Taxiway Alpha run-up area will be closed.  This phase is expected to take 5 weeks. 
  • Phase 2 consists of the reconstruction and realignment of Taxiway Alpha and installing runway lighting.  During this phase Taxiway Alpha and Runway 09-27 will be closed.  This phase is expected to take 4 weeks.  Starting on 11-27-2018 to 12-24-2018.  
  • Phase 3 will be the construction of the airfield lighting vault building.  This phase will not have any operational impact, will take 10 weeks and happen concurrently with Phases 1 & 2. 

Please check NOTAMS to view any closure of pavement at the airport.  The construction plans can be found below and contain more detailed information about the project.  

Taxiway Alpha Realignment AIP 26