Public Transportation - Silver Rider

Making Reservations

When scheduling a ride you will need to provide a pick-up address and phone number, as well as a drop-off address and a phone number for that location. This information is important in case there are any unforeseen changes in scheduling while in route. Reservations are appreciated but we do provide "on call" transportation.

Mobility Devices

When making reservations, it is important that you indicate your needs regarding the use of a mobility device.

Under strict and mandatory safety laws, all wheelchairs and scooters will be restrained during transport.

Transportation Fees

Door to door service - $2.00 each way

Boulder Dam Lodge or Railroad Pass - $4.00 each way

Henderson - $7.50 round trip

Registered Senior Fares

Boulder Dam Lodge or Railroad Pass - $2.50 per trip

Henderson - $5.00 round trip

Buss Passes

For your convenience and economical savings, bus passes may be purchased from a Silver Rider representative at the office or from any driver. The cost for a pass is $20. This pass is goof for 10 standard fare one way trips.