1. Hangars For Rent or Sale

    All hangars at the Boulder City Airport are currently owned by the individual tenants. The land they are on is lease from the City. If you are interested in buying or renting a hangar see the listings below and and contact the individual owners.

  2. Independent Operators

    An Independent Operator (Non-FBO Provider) is defined in Airport Rules Regulations and Minimum Standards as a single service aeronautical activity that does not fit the requirements of an FBO.

  3. Parking

    The airport has developed a new parking area along Airport Road. It will be a permit parking lot only you can acquire a permit from the Airport Admin Office and a form is available online as well as at the office that you will be required to complete.

  4. Tie Down Spaces

    The Boulder City Airport offers multiple locations for Transient and Long Term parking.

  5. Public Transpertation